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Bus Posters that Withstand Weather

FLEXcon® BUSmark® 5800 Reaches the Masses with Posters That Pop

BUSmark® 5800 is an effective way for advertisers to deliver promotional messages to a large audience over a wide geographic area. This product provides good resistance to scuffing, tearing, and abrasion, as well as standing up to a range of tough environmental conditions including UV rays, moisture and temperature extremes.

The 3.4 mil flexible white opaque vinyl offers high opacity for covering previous graphics. It is coated with a removable adhesive that bonds well to painted metal and plastic without peeling or lifting. The adhesive is cleanly removable for up to one year from most smooth OEM surfaces.

BUSmark® 5800 offers excellent printability via UV and solvent screen, UV and solvent inkjet, and UV offset, and is HP Latex compatible. It is approved and specified by both Titan Worldwide and OUTFRONT Media for bus king, queen and tail posters.

For a conventional offset printable alternative, see BUSmark® 5820

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