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Reduce Air Entrapment Under Your Graphics

Self-Adhesive Films with Air Egress Release Liner for Outdoor and Interior Signage

At FLEXcon we believe you should get a better result not just a better product. FLEXcon's air egress release liner will give you the result you desire! The liner is available with FLEXcon® BUSmark® AIRegrs 5800AE, FLEXcon® FLEXmark® WPAE, and FLEXmark® WRAE self-adhesive films for wide-format graphics.

Benefits of Choosing an Air Egress Release Liner:

  • Provides enhanced performance for novice installers
  • Reduces air entrapment, which decreases bubbles and wrinkles, making installation of large-format graphics easier
  • Provides total-applied cost savings for graphic installation

BUSmark® AIRegrs 5800AE Applications:

  • Outdoor signage  
  • Smooth pillar wraps 
  • Truck signage 
  • Window graphics 

FLEXmark® WPAE and WRAE Applications: 

  • Cooler graphics 
  • Counter graphics 
  • Floor graphics* (WRAE) 
  • Indoor and outdoor signage 
  • Shelf graphics (WRAE) 
  • Wall graphics 
  • Window graphics

*For floor graphic applications, FLEXmark® WRAE base film must be used with FLEXmark® CP or FLEXmark® OV6602 overlaminate.

Products Printable Via:

  • UV and solvent screen; UV and solvent inkjet; and UV offset


  • 54" master width 
  • 54" x 150' pre-slit rolls 
  • Orders placed by 2:00 p.m. in the time zone of the shipping location ship the same day.
Self-Adhesive Films with Air Egress Release Liner