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FLEXcon® BrandDescription
TAMPERmark™A series of destructible and selectively destructible films designed to leave behind evidence of tampering if removal is attempted.
THERMLfilm® HT™A series of high-temperature polyimide films designed for printed circuit boards and other high-temperature labeling applications.
THERMLfilm® NEXgen™A series of gloss topcoated polyester and polypropylene films designed for thermal transfer together with UV or emulsion print technologies.
THERMLfilm SELECT®A series of standard thermal transfer printable films.
THERMLfilm® UHT™Thermal printable foil laminate engineered for asset tracking at the “hot-end” of the manufacturing process for the steel industry.
THINflex®A series of thin gauge pressure-sensitive polypropylene and polyethylene films for primary and secondary labeling applications.