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FLEXcon® BrandDescription
BusArt™A series of self adhesive products designed for full and partial wrap applications for busses and trains used in transit advertising.
BusMark®A series of self adhesive products designed for bus king, queen and tail posters.
BUSmark® AIRegrsWhite opaque pressure-sensitive vinyl with air egress release liner technology. Designed for interior and outdoor signage applications.
Classics Plus®A series of standard, cost-effective films designed for graphic applications.
Classics Plus® Select™A line extension to Classics Plus®; a series of our most cost effective, standard products for graphic applications.
CompuCal® Excel™A series of matte topcoated films designed for thermal transfer, laser, impact and electron beam imaging technologies.
CryoFlex™A series of standard thermal transfer printable films designed for cryogenic labeling applications.
DermaFlex™A product line that utilizes our series of biocompatible, skin contact adhesives. Products are safe for skin contact and suitable for applications where skin contact is a requirement or a possibility.
DigiPro®A series of topcoated pressure-sensitive films designed for durable labeling applications.
DPM®A series of standard high-performance pressure-sensitive films designed for product identification, safety/hazard/instructional labeling, and outdoor durable signage applications.
DPM Aply®A series of films with a 90 lb. air egress release liner for smooth bubble-free brand identification and safety/hazard/instructional labels.
DPM® LSE™A series of gloss topcoated high-performance pressure-sensitive films designed for durable labeling applications that require adherence low surface energy plastics, painted metal, powder coated paints, polycarbonate or fiberglass.
DrumCal™A series of pressure-sensitive films designed for labeling steel, plastic, and fiber drums and pails.
FLEXcon® NEXgen™The next generation of durable labeling solutions including vinyl alternatives.
Flexcon® WBIJPolyester film for narrow-format water-based inkjet printing.
FlexMark®A series of films designed for promotional advertising applications such as coolers, displays, carpets, floors, stickers & decals, walls, windows, and more. Protective films designed for industrial and promotional advertising applications.
FlexMark® BilBrd™A series of self adhesive products specifically designed for wall, barricades and other surfaces to change that space in an area of brand promotion.
FLEXmark® floor art™A series of self adhesive products from floor decals to completely wrapped floor surfaces used to create branded zones.
FlexMount®A series of laminating adhesives and double-faced films for bonding and mounting applications.
FlexMount® Select™A standard line of double-faced mounting films for graphic applications.
FlexTwin®Designed for two-way window decals.
Flex-Vu®A series of high-clarity, premium grade overlaminating protective films.
GenEration™ 3000A series of brilliant, eye-catching, light-diffractive films, available in a range of unique patterns with a 3-dimensional, pulsating effect.
JetBond®A series of pressure-sensitive overlaminates designed for various inkjet technologies.
LiteCal®Pressure-sensitive translucent vinyl for a variety of backlit graphic and advertising opportunities.
MarkWrite™A writable/erasable film designed for write-on/wipe-off applications.
MedFLEX®A series of durable films designed for labeling the FDA's three classes of medical devices for applications outside the body.
OptiFlex®A series of standard polyethylene & polypropylene films designed specifically for primary and secondary labeling applications.
OptiFlex® EZ™A series of standard polypropylenes designed for primary and secondary labeling applications on semi-squeeze and rigid containers.
OptiFlex® Reseal™A series of polypropylene films designed for resealable closures
OptiFlex® Squeeze™A series of standard print-treated polyethylene films designed for squeeze tube labeling applications.
optiFLEX® CONCEAL™A series of opaque pressure-sensitive polypropylene films for prime label applications; Ideal for covering up pre-existing graphics on a variety of semi-squeeze and rigid containers.
OptiFlex® EcoFocus®A series of pressure-sensitive label stocks for packaging designed with an added element of sustainability, such as enabling container recyclability or compostability, the manufacture of materials from recycled content, or containing sustainably sourced materials.
OptiFlex® Thin EcoFocus®Downgauged polyethylene and biaxially-oriented polypropylene pressure-sensitive label stocks enabling the recyclability of rigid HDPE and PET containers.
PharmCal®A series of films for pharmaceutical applications.
PhosphorescentPressure-sensitive glow in the dark films for backmounted promotional graphics, POP displays and novelty stickers and decals.
PrismCal®A series of light-diffractive patterns available in many designs.
RailMark™A specified line of products for one-sheet, two-sheet, and three-sheet posters in subway stations.
REFLECTAmark®A series of retroreflective pressure-sensitive films with reflective glass bead coating for outdoor safety signage, promotional labels, warning & instructional labels and long-range barcode scanning.
SeeThru-Sign®A series of "window perf", perforated window films for vehicle wraps, and retail and transit advertising. Pattern options include 50/50, 60/40, 70/30 and 80/20.
Shelf Select®A series of standard and customizable at-retail shelf labeling film products for dry goods, dairy, and in the freezer.
ShimmerCal™A series of vinyl films coated with glitter-filled acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive.
sureFLEX™A series of polypropylene films designed for primary and secondary labeling applications with enhanced flexibility over standard BOPP films for improved application to irregular surfaces.
SwitchMark®A series of high-performance membrane switch spacer components and laminating adhesives for the membrane switch industry.
TamperMark™A series of destructible and selectively destructible films designed to leave behind evidence of tampering if removal is attempted.
THERMLfilm® HT™A series of high-temperature polyimide films designed for printed circuit boards and other high-temperature labeling applications.
THERMLfilm® NEXgen™A series of gloss topcoated polyester and polypropylene films designed for thermal transfer together with UV or emulsion print technologies.
ThermlFilm Select®A series of standard thermal transfer printable films.
ThinFlex™A series of thin gauge pressure-sensitive polypropylene and polyethylene films for primary and secondary labeling applications.
WALLdeco™Products designed for short-term removable and long-term permanent indoor wall graphics.
WINDOWdeco™A series of low-tack removable and permanent products for promotional window signage.