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Pressure-Sensitive Films and Adhesives for Every Application

Looking to turn your labeling, advertising and bonding challenges into opportunities? You've come to the right place. Choose from our standard and custom pressure-sensitive solutions designed to fit your needs.

Standard Solutions

Standard solutions for many applications.

For many jobs, you may find what you need from our Value-Better-Supreme (VBS) product offering, designed to suit a wide range of applications for labeling, mounting and promotional graphics.

  • Value: Solid-performing products where price concerns are paramount and performance can be less robust.
  • Better: Popular, high-quality products designed to fulfill the requirements of most applications.
  • Supreme: Higher-performing solutions for your most demanding applications. 

Use our Product Finder to search for and compare products. You can narrow search results down to your specific needs and compare up to four products at a time side by side. You can also search for UL or CSA Group products by print technology.

Custom Products

Designing custom pressure-sensitive film and adhesive products IS our specialty.

We thrive on creating unique products for your specific needs that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether your focus is durable labeling, primary labeling, advertising or converting and fabricating, our solutions are customer-driven and geared toward meeting your individual product construction needs – all with an eye toward helping you differentiate your brand from your competition.

Your Technical Service Representative will work through the project details with you, identify the appropriate product components and put together a construction that will give you the best business result possible. He or she will coordinate any necessary testing, provide hand samples and work with you to scale up production. It’s what we do day in and day out, so don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us. 

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Committed to Your Success

Paul McGrath, Technical Service Representative, MA

Choosing product components is as much a process of elimination as it is a process of selection. So, when speaking with a customer about a new project, there are probably 20 questions in my mind. The answer to each question narrows the component options until we’re left with a short list of possible solutions.

One of my goals is to always get samples out to the customer as quickly as possible so we can turn their idea into PS labels.

The complex projects where I must start from scratch are the most satisfying because they allow for creativity and lots of customer interaction. And with 32 years of working with customers, I can draw on similarities to past projects to get to a quick solution. Even so, I almost always learn something new that I can keep in my mind for the next customer with a similar challenge. Once the customer’s needs have been met successfully, I enjoy seeing the results in the personal care aisles in the local supermarkets.

When I’m not scouting the local stores for “our labels,” you can find me fundraising for causes such as Relay for Life and Spike It for Life, as well as working in Anne’s flower gardens and spending time with my kids and grandkids.

FLEXcon Tech Service Rep headshot