Features & Benefits

  • 3.1 flexible white vinyl film provides durability and easy installation
  • Ink-receptive surface is compatible with most standard flexographic inks. Please test for ink adhesion with your specific ink chemistry
  • Adheres to a variety of surfaces including chrome-coated metal, chrome-coated plastic, and painted plastic
  • Pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive is removable up to six months. Please test for removability with your specific application surface
  • Bleached white clay coated release liner is backside printable and provides an excellent diecutting base
  • Ideal for roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet converting and dispensing

Product Applications

  • Value - Promotional Advertising - Sticker and Decal - Bumper Vehicle Stickers

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Technical Data

Physical Properties

ValueThickness (Mils[microns])
Film3.1 (79) +/- 10%
Adhesive 0.6-0.7 (15-18) +/- 0.1 (3)
Liner4.7 (119) +/- 10%

Test Method: ASTM D 3652 (Modified for use with non-tape products)

ValueDimensional Stability (%)

Test Method: Applied Shrinkage: 24 hour dwell time on aluminum panel then 24 hours at 160°F (71°C)

ValueChemical Resistance
Basic CleanersExcellent

Test Method: ASTM D 896 (Modified for number of cycles and cycle time)

Adhesion Properties

Ultimate Peel fromAverage Oz/In(N/m)
Auto Glass62(682)
Chrome-Coated Metal45(495)
Chrome-Coated Plastic53(583)
Painted Plastic40(440)

Test Method: ASTM D 903 (Modified for 72 hour dwell time)

Expected Shear

PropertyValueTest Method
Expected Shear Room Temp (hours): 20ASTM D 3654 Method A
a. 1 hr. dwell
b. 1 sq. in. surface
c. 4 lb. load
Expected Shear ASTM D 3654 Method A
a. 1 hr. dwell
b. 1 sq. in. surface
c. 4 lb. load
Tack (gm/sq cm)260ASTM D 2979
Expected Exterior LifeSix months for removability
Service Temperature Range-40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C)
Minimum Application Temperature50°F (10°C)
Storage StabilityTwo years when stored at 70°F (21°C) and
50% relative humidity

Product Details

Title Description
Adhesive Removable
Product Agency N/A
Color Family White
Converting Roll Form,Roll to Sheet
Double Face N
Film Family Vinyl
Master Web Width 60.000
Other Available Widths N/A
Print Technology Solvent Flexo,Water Flexo,UV Flexo
Quilon N
Remoist N
Surface Type Glass,LSE Plastic,HSE Plastic,Metal,Paint
Surface Treatment Wax,Polish
Surface Texture Smooth
Surface Profile Rigid

Pricing Overview

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CP31173 R N/A N 60 0 6 - X - -

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Product Performance and Suitability

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