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OMNI-WAVE™ TT 200 BLACK H-502 150 POLY H-9 44PP-8

Product ID # FLX068983 | Class: Supreme

Features & Benefits

  • H-502 hydrogel-free skin contact adhesive (transfer tape) engineered for short-term wear (3 days) for medical device attachment (electrodes or sensors) demonstrates minimal skin irritation as compared to hydrogel electrodes
  • Conductive adhesive layer allows electronics to send and receive waveform signals between the surfaces it connects to
  • Product performance is not affected by humidity
  • 1.5 mil ultra-smooth polyester release liner provides ultimate smoothness and flow-out of adhesive, and is ideal for roll-form converting
  • 44 lb. polycoated natural Kraft release liner ideal for roll-form converting
  • Patented FLEXcon® OMNI-WAVE™ technology
  • Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) compliant
  • Passes ISO 10993-10 (biological evaluation of medical devices) for sensitization and irritation

Adhesion Properties - Ultimate Peel from test method: ASTM D 903 (15 min. dwell) a. 180° degree peel DISCLAIMER: FLEXcon MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, COURSE OF PERFORMANCE, OR TRADE USAGE. This product is a device component intended solely for further processing, manufacturing, incorporation into a finished device, and is further intended only for use as a device component on intact skin (i.e., not intended for use in the presence of open sores or wounds nor for applications inside the body). Customer is solely responsible for determining whether this component product is fit for Customer’s intended use, including, without limitation, incorporation into Customer’s finished device(s), and for performing any additional testing that may be necessary to support Customer’s intended use. Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that its use of the component product is in compliance with the applicable laws and for obtaining any necessary clearances or approvals from its use of the component product and any finished device that incorporates the component product. Full biocompatibility results are available upon request.

Data Sheet

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Title Description
Adhesive Skin Contact
Product Agency ISO 10993,Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)
Color Family Black
Converting Roll Form
Double Face 0
Film Family None
Master Web Width 60.000
Other Available Widths N/A
Print Technology N/A
Quilon 0
Remoist 0
Surface Type N/A
Surface Treatment N/A
Surface Texture N/A
Surface Profile N/A

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Technical Data

Physical Properties

ValueThickness (Mils[microns])
44 PP-8 Liner3.0 (76) +/- 10%
Adhesive 2.0-2.2 (51-56) +/- 0.1 (3)
150 Poly H-9 Liner1.4 (36) +/- 5%

Test Method: ASTM D 3652 (Modified for use with non-tape products)


Adhesion Properties

Ultimate Peel from

Average Oz/In(N/m)
Stainless Steel13(143)

Test Method: ASTM D 903 (Modified for 72 hour dwell time)

Expected Shear

Electrical Properties

Test Method: ASTM D 257

Test Method: ASTM D 257

PropertyValueTest Method
Expected Shear Room Temp (hours): 2ASTM D 3654 Method A
a. 1 hr. dwell
b. 1 sq. in. surface
c. 4 lb. load
Tack (gm/sq cm)340ASTM D 2979
Electrical PropertiesZ-Direction Resistance: Less than 20 Ohms/in²
Electrical PropertiesSurface Resistivity: Less than 200 Ohms/square
Storage StabilityTwo years stored at 70°F (21°C) and 50% RH in the original packaging; two year out-of-package shelf life

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Product Applications

  • Supreme - Healthcare - Skin Contact -

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Title Description
Market FT
Customer Part Number N/A
Class Supreme
Master Roll Width 60.000
Other Available Widths
Quick Ship Y
Min MSI QTY 400
USD Price Range/MSI 1 - Please login to view pricing
Estimated Weight/MSI 0.6758
Pre-slit Short Roll Sizes N/A
Last Sale Date N/A





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Stock Code Type Sheets in Box Trimmed Width Length Core Size MA NE CA WA Canada
OW200 R N/A N 60 0 6 X - - - -
OW200-10 R N/A Y 10 400 3 X - - - -

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Product Performance and Suitability

All of the descriptive information, the typical performance data, and recommendations for the use of FLEXcon products shall be used only as a guide and do not reflect the specification or specification range for any particular property of the product. Furnishing such information is merely an attempt to assist you after you have indicated your contemplated use and shall in no event constitute a warranty of any kind by FLEXcon. All purchasers of FLEXcon products shall be responsible for independently determining the suitability of the material for the purpose for which it is purchased. No distributor, salesman, or representative of FLEXcon is authorized to give any warranty, guarantee, or make any representation in addition or contrary to the above.

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