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TAMPERmark™ PM 200 WHITE VOID II TC-249 V-344 SPEC 50K/Q-8

Product ID # FLX000446 | Class: Supreme

Features & Benefits

  • 2.0 mil tamper-evident white polyester film leaves behind "VOID" pattern
  • Topcoat optimizes ink receptivity with most solvent and UV ink systems (please test for ink adhesion on your specific ink chemistry)
  • Permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive bonds well to a wide variety of surfaces including metal, low- and high- surface energy plastic, powder coated paint, paint, and polycarbonate
  • Backed with a 50 lb. semi-bleached kraft release liner that is Quilon coated to prevent label pick-off*
  • Ideal for roll to roll converting

*Quilon is a registered trademark of Zaclon, LLC

Data Sheet

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Title Description
Adhesive Permanent
Product Agency N/A
Color Family White
Converting Roll Form
Double Face N
Film Family Polyester
Master Web Width 54.000
Other Available Widths N/A
Print Technology Solvent Flexo,Water Flexo,UV Flexo,Solvent Screen,UV Screen,UV Letterpress,UV Offset,Hot Stamping
Quilon Y
Remoist N
Surface Type HSE Plastic,Metal,Powder Coated Paint,Paint,Rubber,Ceramic,Polycarbonate
Surface Treatment Slip Agent,Dust,Dirt,Mold Release Agent,Corona Treat,Flame Treat
Surface Texture Smooth,Frosted
Surface Profile Single Curve,Flat,Concave,Convex,Recess,Flexible,Rigid

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Technical Data

Physical Properties

ValueThickness (Mils[microns])
Film2.3 (58) +/- 10%
Adhesive 1.0-1.1 (25-28) +/- 0.1 (3)
Liner3.1 (79) +/- 10%

Test Method: ASTM D 3652 (Modified for use with non-tape products)

ValueDimensional Stability (%)
No Shrinkage Observed

Test Method: Applied Shrinkage: 24 hour dwell time on aluminum panel then 24 hours at 160°F (71°C)


Adhesion Properties

Ultimate Peel from

Average Oz/In(N/m)
Acrylic58+(638+) (leaves VOID pattern)
Acrylic Powder Paint44+(484+) (leaves VOID pattern)
Aluminum50+(550+) (leaves VOID pattern)
Cardboard Box12+(132+) (cardboard surface splits)
Epoxy Powder Paint55+(605+) (leaves VOID pattern)
Glass53+(583+) (leaves VOID pattern)
HDPE45+(495+) (leaves VOID pattern)
Painted Metal42+(462+) (leaves VOID pattern)
Polycarbonate53+(583+) (leaves VOID pattern)
Polyester45+(495+) (leaves VOID pattern)
Polyurethane Powder Paint49+(538+) (leaves VOID pattern)
Stainless Steel49+(538+) (leaves VOID pattern)

Test Method: ASTM D 903 (Modified for 72 hour dwell time)

Expected Shear

PropertyValueTest Method
Expected Shear Room Temp (hours): 30ASTM D 3654 Method A
a. 1 hr. dwell
b. 1 sq. in. surface
c. 4 lb. load
Tack (gm/sq cm)880ASTM D 2979
Expected Exterior LifeFilm: Two years
White Coating: Turns yellow under sunlight
Service Temperature Range-40ºF to 302ºF (-40ºC to 150ºC)
Tamper-evident maximum 104ºF (40ºF)
Minimum Application Temperature50°F (10°C);
35°F (2°C) minimum application temperature for pharmaceutical labeling on glass and HDPE
Storage StabilityTwo years stored at 70ºF (21ºC) and 50% RH

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Product Applications

  • Supreme - Consumer Durables - Durable Goods - Security/Authenticity Label
  • Supreme - Industrial Products - Industrial Equipment - Security/Authenticity Label
  • Supreme - Transportation - Aerospace - Security/Authenticity Label
  • Supreme - Transportation - Automotive - Security/Authenticity Label
  • Supreme - Transportation - Heavy Equipment - Security/Authenticity Label
  • Supreme - Transportation - Rail - Security/Authenticity Label

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Title Description
Market FT
Customer Part Number N/A
Class Supreme
Master Roll Width 54.000
Other Available Widths
Quick Ship Y
Min MSI QTY 500
USD Price Range/MSI 1 - Please login to view pricing
Estimated Weight/MSI 0.3095
Pre-slit Short Roll Sizes N/A
Last Sale Date N/A





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Stock Code Type Sheets in Box Trimmed Width Length Core Size MA NE CA WA Canada
T232020 R N/A N 54 0 6 - X - - -

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Product Performance and Suitability

All of the descriptive information, the typical performance data, and recommendations for the use of FLEXcon products shall be used only as a guide and do not reflect the specification or specification range for any particular property of the product. Furnishing such information is merely an attempt to assist you after you have indicated your contemplated use and shall in no event constitute a warranty of any kind by FLEXcon. All purchasers of FLEXcon products shall be responsible for independently determining the suitability of the material for the purpose for which it is purchased. No distributor, salesman, or representative of FLEXcon is authorized to give any warranty, guarantee, or make any representation in addition or contrary to the above.

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