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Flexcon Launches the Next Generation of Flexcon® PrismCal® Prismatic Films

Static Printed Graphics Are Enhanced with Diffraction of Light

Flexcon® PrismCal® attracts customers with unique graphic effects by providing light and movement for increased visual appeal. These 2.6 mil rigid vinyl products feature a smooth surface for optimum ink laydown with a variety of print technologies, including UV and solvent screen and UV inkjet. A 94 lb. layflat release liner offers ease of converting with backside printability, and thermal die cuttability provides production efficiency. Furthermore, as a vinyl product, outdoor durability is two years, significantly surpassing that of holographic paper. 

“Unique visual effects can be achieved through the strategic use of opaque and translucent inks, creating a look that is brighter and more brilliant with the prismatic pattern showing through,” says Bekie Berg, product manager, Flexcon. “The backside printable release liner facilitates inclusion of product and application instructions, coupon codes, and more on the back, a feature not offered by competitive products.” 

Four prismatic patterns are currently in inventory and ready to be finished and shipped. Four prismatic patterns are available in 54” masters and can be slit and sheeted to converter specifications. Two patterns are also available in pre-sheeted inventory – 100 27”x20” sheets per box.