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Flexcon Expands Product Line for Shelf Tags and Shelf Markers with Greener Alternative

Flexcon® Shelf Select® Non-Vinyl Product Saves Money and Reduces Environmental Impact

Spencer, Mass. – March 22, 2022 - Flexcon Company, Inc., an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, today announced the expansion of its Flexcon® Shelf Select® line for shelf tags and shelf markers with a non-vinyl option designed to help converters and retailers save costs and reduce their impact on the environment. 

Shelf Select® CPET1FZR is a clear polyester made from up to 30% post-industrial recycled content. It’s also thinner than most vinyl shelf products, making it less costly to ship and resulting in less waste into the landfill when labels are discarded. All products in the Shelf Select® line are printable via flexo, as well as laser with a press applied varnish. 

This low-cost non-vinyl product delivers robust performance in the freezer, refrigerator, and dry environments.  It easily survives routine cleaning of the shelf channel and removes in one piece with no adhesive transfer. The release liner is a high performer for ease of printing, die cutting, perforating, and application onto the shelf. 

“The shelf edge represents a prime piece of retail real estate to engage with the consumer, promote brand loyalty, and increase sales,” says Bekie Berg, product manager, Flexcon. “Furthermore, sustainable practices have moved beyond being a trend in advertising to become a differentiator for converters, and Flexcon’s Shelf Select® CPET1FZR enables them to offer a greener option that can help both themselves and retailers achieve their sustainability goals.” 

The entire line of Shelf Select® products ensures performance throughout the shelf labeling journey, from printing, die cutting, fan folding and finishing at the converter to laser printing and application in-store to clean removal at the end of the promotion. 

Wide web rolls are available from Quick-Ship inventory in 66” masters and can be slit to converter specifications.