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Proper Materials Storage: An Important Investment

The proper storage of materials on your shop floor can be just as critical to the success of your application as the selection of the right material. The storage conditions can have a dramatic impact in terms of making sure your product will convert as expected when you put it on press. Proper storage of the material is an investment in your purchase. Read on for our three tips for proper storage.

Cradle Pack

1. Protect the material from dirt and debris that could have a negative effect on your printing and converting process.

  • Store all material on a clean dry floor or in racking. Break bands to relieve pressure on skid-packed stock. Do not double stack skids. Return unused stock to cartons or protective packaging.
  • Be sure to maintain the original manufacturer’s labels with the material you have purchased until it is completely exhausted. Even if the original packaging is not salvageable, the original label should be retained to maintain best traceability.

2. Be mindful of storage stability guidelines.

This information identifies how long you can store the material, including temperature and humidity conditions. This information can be vital to the success of your application and is available on product data sheets.

  • Avoid extremes of heat and humidity. Store pressure-sensitive stock on a flat surface in a cool dry area.

3. Don’t forget to rotate your inventory so that you always work off your older inventory first - First In, First Out (FIFO).

  • For instance, if you were to run material that was past its expiration date, it may produce issues when printing or converting, leading to downtimes and missed deadlines. Expired product that doesn’t fail during the printing or converting process may cause headaches for your end-user that could result in labels falling off the product. Such problems can lead to reduced confidence, and ultimately, fewer sales.

Although the terms of storage are listed on FLEXcon’s data sheets, we are always happy to provide you with additional data. If you have questions or concerns about how to handle or store any FLEXcon product, please contact your Sales or Support Team Representatives. They can get you the data you need to make sure that your material will be ready for use.

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