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FLEXcon details the importance of material selection

A team of FLEXcon experts sits down with L&NW to explain the process
for getting tailored solutions to customers.

FLEXcon Staff

As published in Label & Narrow Web

Customer service has become more critical than ever, with converters and brands seeking solutions that will differentiate their products on the shelf. L&NW recently had the luxury of meeting with three experts from FLEXcon, who detailed how the company ensures that the right materials get to their customers. Melissa David, product marketing manager of packaging, Ross Hodnett, product marketing manager of durables, and Lori Bitar, product marketing manager of healthcare explain the importance of customer service and selecting the right products for your unique applications.

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Q: Where is FLEXcon seeing the most demand for labeling materials currently?

Q: How important is collaboration and education when dealing with customers to make sure they get the right materials for their applications?

Q: How does the process differ between selecting materials for durables and packaging? And can you give a brief overview of the process for each?

Q: What materials have been the most popular?

Q: How has FLEXcon's customer service benefited converters over the past year?

Q: What do customers need to know about durable materials when coming to FLEXcon?

Q: How has your supply chain functioned over the past year?