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One Size Does Not Fit All

Not everyone is the same size.

The traditional system of company-centric value creation is becoming obsolete. Customers are looking for personalized co-creation experiences that result in value that is truly unique to them. They’ve gone from unaware to informed, from passive to active. This means that business owners now need to look at value creation from a new angle. They can no longer act autonomously, designing products and optimizing production processes with little or no involvement from customers.


Take an individualized approach.

When it comes to creating value, what works for one customer may not work for another, so this is where an individualized approach to products and service takes center stage. Customers are expecting more personalization and more options which suit their particular circumstances. This goes far beyond product options; it relates to the customer intimacy which makes individualized service possible.

Gain a complete understanding.

Achieving customer intimacy comes from asking the questions that will allow you to gain a complete understanding of your customer’s needs or challenge and enable you to assist in the decision making process. Through a high level of understanding, you and FLEXcon can work together to develop a tailored solution that meets your customer’s unique circumstances and has the potential to differentiate them (and you) in the marketplace. When this occurs, a rapport that includes transparency and trust is sure to follow.

Understand the specific need.

The process starts with a commitment to share all of the information about the opportunity at hand. This is essential to understanding the associated needs. What challenges or obstacles might we face in trying to achieve the stated goal? Are there targets or timing that need to be hit? Are there limits in capability that could impact options? Whether the needs are related to product performance, timing, delivery or all of the above, having an open dialog about them will enable all concerned to understand what’s required and what factors might limit us or require a creative solution. Whether you are looking for a full blown development project, special testing to confirm a certain product is suitable for your application, or a special stock program to solve an availability issue, the best way to get at these answers is to fully understand the specific need.

Brainstorming comes first.

Once everything is out on the table, then it’s time to roll up our sleeves and dig in. Depending on how far outside the box you may be going, any number of staff members at your vendor might be brought in, from inventory specialists to lab technicians to chemists. With this group, brainstorming comes first. Options are discussed and prototypes are created for testing. There may be a lot of back and forth among the converter, supplier and end user, with multiple iterations of a product and related feedback. Whether they are actual trial runs or just hand samples, the open dialogue that occurs enables product developers to narrow the choices and hone in on the final solution.

What matters is the mindset.

When co-creation of solutions happens in this way, the end result is tailored specifically to the customer’s needs. Whether it’s something completely new or a modification of something that already exists is immaterial. What matters is the mindset of focusing on your problem and helping you solve it. It’s what enables you to turn your individual challenge into a win that yields higher profitability, differentiation in the market or both. Your customer will remember the experience and be ready to trust you with their next challenge. Thus, the cycle will repeat itself, bringing new challenges and new opportunities for growth.

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