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FLEXcon's Solutions for Solar Panel Backsheets

Understanding Your Needs. Meeting Your Demands.

FLEXcon is a reliable, global supplier of solar module backsheet solutions for the photovoltaic industry. It’s been our goal to develop an intimate understanding of what module and encapsulant producers are looking for in backsheet protective laminates.

Delivering What’s Required:

  • Proven multi-layered backsheet and insulative products - fluoropolymer (Tedlar®*, Kynar®**) and non-fluoropolymer (Polyester). 
  • Custom solutions – Color, thickness, moisture barrier, alternative polymers, etc. 
  • A range of complementary pressure-sensitive label stocks - embedded TTR-printable labels, power rating nameplates, branding labels, cell placement tapes, transfer tapes and double-coated products. 
  • Compliance with strict industry standards such as UL and IEC.

For information on FLEXcon's solutions for solar panel backsheets, please reach out to the Performance Products Business Team.

*Tedlar is a registered tradename of DuPont.
**Kynar is a registered tradename of Arkema.

FLEXcon multiGUARD® a Proven Performer.

Whether it’s for use with standard, fast or ultra-fast cure encapsulants and laminating processes, FLEXcon multiGUARD® multi-layer backsheet products offer long-life UV and moisture protection and insulative properties as a back laminate for photovoltaic panels. A high-performing laminating adhesive enhances film bonding for exceptional strength and durability. Our constructions have been proven industry performers – meeting strict IEC and UL requirements.

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