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Solvent AcrylicFLEXcon® FLEXmount® products meet stringent design specifications and perform to a range of requirements, from adhesion to foam to withstanding exposure to high temperatures, vibration, or chemicals. Many are UL and cUL recognized.

Lightweighting Helicopters Hanger Bay

SiliconeFLEXcon® SA Series (SA1000, SA3000, SA6000 and SA9000) offers three permanent and one removable silicone adhesive that are engineered to perform within and withstand difficult environments and stresses.

Blood Presure Lumiscope Membrane Switch
Membrane Switch AssemblyFLEXcon® SWITCHmark® is a line of high-performance spacer components and laminating adhesives engineered for demanding membrane switch applications that face hostile environments such as moisture and solvents. These products meet UL recognition under UL 746C (Polymeric Adhesive Systems, Electrical Equipment-Component) and UL 969 (Marking Labeling Systems Materials Component).