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Roll-to-roll converting

When the manufacturing capabilities you need aren’t available in-house, or at the scale you require, FLEXcon can serve as a strategic partner to get your final product out the door.

Polymeric Coating

We offer unique capabilities for applying a uniform layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive or other functional coating to a polymeric film or other substrate. Our adhesives include acrylic, rubber and silicone options.


By using pressure-sensitive or heat-activated adhesives, we combine two or more similar or dissimilar films or other substrates to achieve superior properties for your application.


We can impress a controlled design or texture into a film or laminate to create additional functionality, such tactile interest, visual appeal, slip-resistence and more.


We can impress a microscopic design or texture into a film or laminate to achieve specific functionality, such as biomimicry, light diffusion, and filtration, and for applications such as aerodynamics, channeling and micro-fluidics.


We slit, sheet and perform other processes on slit and master rolls of pressure-sensitive films and laminates to format them for converting and to meet your specifications. Our equipment includes multi-cut, quick-change and semi-automated slitters as well as a variety of sheeters for everything from long-length sheeting to small, precise square sheets. Our finishing operations benefit from an Automated Packaging Line that provides you with precision, speed and cost efficiencies.


You can utilize our ISO Class 7 certified cleanroom facilities for applications where cleanliness is paramount.

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