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Protection of Products and Components

Whether you need to protect a graphic from the elements or an expensive component during the manufacturing process, polymeric films and adhesives are super heroes.


For the occasions where you must protect a component or finished product, a pressure-sensitive film or adhesive can provide a protective barrier to prevent abrasion and corrosion by stopping moisture and contaminants from getting to sensitive parts, such as the components in electronic devices and solar panels.


Sometimes, the need for protection is temporary such as during certain manufacturing processes. In these cases, a silicone adhesive may be ideal to mask an area from paint or chemicals. Depending on the circumstances, a specific combination of film and adhesive may be required to achieve the durability required along with clean removability. Read about our work with Whitlam Label on such an application.

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Protection from Abrasion, Chemicals and UV

If a label or graphic will be exposed to harsh environments, such as high heat, caustic chemicals or abrasion, an overlaminate can act as a barrier to protect the graphic for the life of the end use product to ensure that it remains adhered and legible. Many overlaminates, as well as overlaminating adhesives, also protect against UV-rays to keep graphics from fading. After all, what good is a graphic that has fallen off or become unreadable, and what would that say about your brand?

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