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We Provide Products That Serve Many Functions


We develop adhesives for industrial, health care and other markets. This includes acrylic and silicone adhesives, as well as mounting films, foams and tapes.


Polyimide films and aerogels, embossed materials, multi-laminate stacks, foams and other films offer insulating properties while being lightweight and pliable.


Barrier, Scratch resistance, UV, Masking and more…

When it comes to protecting products or components, whether during manufacturing or end use, a polymeric film, adhesive or other coating may be just what’s needed.

Noise & Vibration Damping

Our films and adhesives are used for acoustic damping applications across industries. We understand the frequencies and temperatures involved to provide you with a product that will work as a visco-elastic layer to minimize vibration and noise.

Microstructural Functions

Films can be micro-embossed to serve a multitude of purposes, including anti-microbial, aerodynamic, and light-diffusing functions, to name a few. There may be no end to the possibilities.

Skin Contact

We offer a series of biocompatible, skin contact adhesives that have met the three requirements for intact skin contact within the ISO 10993 standard.

Got an innovative idea, but need some help bringing it to fruition? Rub elbows with some of the greatest minds in the polymeric films and adhesives industry at our state-of-the-art Technology and Innovations Center in Spencer, Massachusetts, where we develop and source product components for a multitude of purposes. The functionality you seek, such as attachment, insulation, or vibration damping, may already be in our repertoire. If not, our team of scientists and engineers can collaborate with you to develop a component or construction that will specifically suit your needs.

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