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Technologies That Bring Your Innovative Ideas to Life

If you’re seeking a manufacturing technology partner in the polymeric films and adhesives industry to help take your innovative ideas from concept to reality, FLEXcon is ready. In our state-of-the-art Technology and Innovations Center, you will work with a technical team devoted to developing solutions that will enable your brain child to be successful. Whatever the challenge, our technical team will work with you to identify the components and processes that will provide the best results, create prototypes, conduct testing, provide samples, and scale up production when you’re ready. 

Our past projects run the gamut...

...from the development of polyimide aerogel for the insulation in spacesuits to membranes for fuel cells, from CO2 sensors in scuba tanks to anti-fog products for freezer doors in grocery stores.

We can do many things...

  • provide roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet coating, lamination and finishing
  • work with your coatings and substrates, ours, or a combination
  • supply films, coatings and adhesives as may be required
  • texturize films to provide specific functionality

Let’s get into the think tank together. Call (508) 885-8440 or email functionaltechnologies@flexcon.com today!