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FLEXcon® UL-Recognized Label Stock and Adhesives

UL-Recognized Label Stock

We have the broadest range of UL-recognized products in the industry with over 125 UL-recognized base films and overlaminates. Take a look at our most popular product lines below, designed to serve an expansive array of applications and substrate surfaces.

COMPUcal® EXCEL™ - Matte topcoated films designed for thermal transfer, laser, impact and electron beam imaging technologies

DPM® - High-performance pressure-sensitive films designed for product identification and safety/hazard/instructional labeling applications 

DPM® LSE™ - Gloss topcoated high-performance pressure-sensitive films designed for durable labeling applications that require adherence to low surface energy plastics, painted metal, powder coated paints, polycarbonate or fiberglass

MedFLEX® - Durable films designed for labeling the FDA's three classes of medical devices for applications outside the body. Download our Product Selection Guide

THERMLfilm® HT™ - High-temperature films designed for printed circuit board, automotive and aerospace labeling applications

THERMLfilm® NEXgen™ - Gloss topcoated polyester films designed for thermal transfer together with UV or emulsion print technologies

THERMLfilm SELECT® - Standard thermal transfer printable films

In addition, you may visit Underwriters Laboratories' website to view our entries at UL and file listings of our products.

UL-Recognized Adhesives

We offer five durable UL-recognized adhesive solutions. Adhesives are available as transfer tapes and single and double-coated products, as well as full product constructions.

FLEXmount® L-344 - General purpose permanent acrylic adhesive

FLEXmount® L-606 - General purpose performance permanent acrylic adhesive

FLEXmount® L-778 - Premium high-performance adhesive ideal for low-surface energy bonding

FLEXmount® L-326 - Improved processing characteristics, responds well to die-cutting and waste removal processes improving speed and efficiency