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UL-Recognized Label Stock

Our growing body of adoption-ready solutions

We have the broadest range of UL-recognized products in the industry with over 125 UL-recognized base films and overlaminates, as well as five UL-recognized adhesives.

Take a look at our most popular product lines listed here, designed to serve an expansive array of applications and substrate surfaces.

Many of our UL-recognized label products are offered in pre-finished inventory.


A series of matte topcoated films designed for thermal transfer, laser, impact and electron beam imaging technologies.


A series of high-performance pressure-sensitive films designed for product identification and safety/hazard/instructional labeling applications. 


A series of gloss topcoated high-performance pressure-sensitive films designed for durable labeling applications that require adherence low surface energy plastics, painted metal, powder coated paints, polycarbonate or fiberglass.


A series of durable films designed for labeling the FDA's three classes of medical devices for applications outside the body. 

FLEXcon® THERMLfilm® HT™

A series of high-temperature films designed for printed circuit board, automotive and aerospace labeling applications. 

FLEXcon® THERMLfilm® NEXgen™

  • A series of gloss topcoated polyester films designed for thermal transfer together with UV or emulsion print technologies.
  • Pre-slit rolls available. Click here for details.


In addition, you may visit Underwriters Laboratories' website to view our entries at UL and file listings of our products.


The process of UL adoptions and certifications is simpler and more streamlined when you leverage the in-depth knowledge of our designated team of experts. Let us help you. We can review your UL file — to advise on the most cost-effective action plan to fit your needs — and also to create a specific migration plan that works for you. 

Contact us if you have questions. One of our technical service representatives will be in touch with you promptly. If you prefer, you may also call us at (508) 885-8215.

If you're ready to adopt a FLEXcon product now, then visit UL to complete their online Request to Quote form or email them at IMDQuotes@us.ul.com.