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Adopting UL-recognized FLEXcon products is easier than ever

Flat fee adoptions

With the UL’s flat fee pricing, a simple product adoption is more economical than ever. When specific minimum purchase conditions are met, we'll even reimburse your company for this $700 fee — reducing your transfer cost to zero. Need and additional surface or ink? We can guide you through the process.

Broad product selection

You have more than 1,700 different UL-recognized, standard VBS base film/overlaminate combinations to choose from – much more than the handful of general-purpose products offered by our competitors - so there’s no need to settle. We’ll help you identify the ideal combination to meet your specific application requirements.


The process of UL adoptions and certifications is simpler and more streamlined when you leverage the in-depth knowledge of our designated team of experts. Let us help you. We can review your UL file — to advise on the most cost-effective action plan to fit your needs — and also to create a specific migration plan that works for you. 

Contact us if you have questions. One of our technical service representatives will be in touch with you promptly. If you prefer, you may also call us at (508) 885-8215.

If you're ready to adopt a FLEXcon product now, then visit UL to complete their online Request to Quote form or email them at IMDQuotes@us.ul.com.