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Because Strategy Is Critical: Ensuring ROI On Every UL Project

Our goal is to maximize your ROI.

We look beyond the one product you may need for a particular job to your strategic business goals. We look for ways to enable you to offer comprehensive, durable solutions to your customers that keep them coming back.

A holistic approach.

Perhaps you just need to adopt a product or two to fill in some gaps in your UL portfolio, but you need some additional surfaces or exposures in your listing. Which products should you choose and why? How long will it take?

Or you’re faced with a new UL project that may require a custom solution. How do you make sure that the time, effort, and expense required to certify it will be justified?

These questions require careful consideration to ensure that you get the ROI you need to make it worthwhile. So why not leverage FLEXcon’s expertise?


The process of UL adoptions and certifications is simpler and more streamlined when you leverage the in-depth knowledge of our designated team of experts. Let us help you. We can review your UL file — to advise on the most cost-effective action plan to fit your needs — and also to create a specific migration plan that works for you. 

Contact us if you have questions. One of our technical service representatives will be in touch with you promptly. If you prefer, you may also call us at (508) 885-8215.

If you're ready to adopt a FLEXcon product now, then visit UL to complete their online Request to Quote form or email them at IMDQuotes@us.ul.com.

Everything You Need to Support Your UL Business.

Supported by the broadest portfolio of UL-recognized products in the industry, a DAP-certified lab, and our work with raw material suppliers, and ribbon and ink manufacturers to pre-qualify products, our UL adoption and certification programs offer a wealth of distinct advantages to give you an edge.

  • Comprehensive technical expertise. We are ready and waiting to review your specifications and UL file to facilitate product development or develop a strategic product migration plan. 
  • Quick turnaround of testing. Being DAP certified means that our lab testing is commensurate with UL’s own labs so we can conduct our own UL testing in-house. This allows us to dictate the timeline. You get the results you need when you need them.
  • Short lead times. We stock many of our standard UL-recognized products – available in two days or less through our Quick-Ship program. Our pre-finished inventory program, with products available through our online store, enables you to choose from a variety of pre-slit roll sizes without purchasing a full master. To facilitate timely delivery of your custom or made-to-order products, our Customer Special Stock program allows you to store an inventory of these materials on our floor and have them shipped as you need them.
  • UL-Recognized adhesives. We offer a variety of durable UL- and cUL-recognized adhesive solutions. Adhesives are available as transfer tapes and single and double-coated products, as well as full product constructions.