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UL/cUL Compliance and Adoption Program

What is UL and cUL Recognition?

For a label material to have UL recognition, it must pass a series of durability tests and remain legible. The testing includes exposure to a range of temperature, as well as exposure to various chemicals, including cooking oil, motor oil, laundry detergents, cleaning solutions and gasoline, along with many other solvents and chemicals. Materials must also pass abrasion testing and remain legible.

Flat Fee Adoptions with UL/cUL

Working with UL, we have developed an industry leading adoption program. Once you identify the product you require for an application, you will fill out a simple request with UL to adopt.

The total cost for UL adoption depends on several factors, such as addition of cUL recognition and amount of overlaminating films needed. Regardless of the total cost, FLEXcon will credit these charges back to your account once you hit a specific sales target, so your actual cost to adopt a FLEXcon product is zero. If you add additional inks or surfaces, UL will assign additional costs to the adoption.

FLEXcon's technical experts will guide you through this process.

Obtaining UL Certification

Our technical experts can help you through the testing process and will collaborate with you and UL to develop the best UL testing strategy. Our goal is to accomplish your product/performance objectives in the most efficient manner possible while achieving the best possible results for your business.

Streamlined Quoting and Certification

  • We'll work together with you to develop a focused test plan to ensure it meets both your requirements and UL certification standards. 
  • You'll have an approved test plan, sample requirements, a testing timeline — and a quote for the final certification project. 
  • UL testing will then be conducted following this pre-established protocol and guidelines.

Everything You Need to Support Your UL/cUL Business

Supported by the broadest portfolio of UL/cUL-recognized products in the industry, DAP-certified lab, and our work with raw material suppliers, and ribbon and ink manufacturers to pre-qualify products, our UL/cUL adoption and certification programs offer a wealth of distinct advantages to give you an edge.

Benefits of Working With Us

  • Products are UL-recognized for more applications and more surfaces than any other products in the industry. 
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable technical staff are available to review your UL file and work with you to develop a migration plan. 
  • You can offer better performing and/or less expensive products to your clients with products that meet performance, price and delivery requirements. 
  • Quick-Ship products offer quick turnaround. 
  • Pre-finished products ship same day.
  • Customer Special Stock program allows you to store inventory on our floor and have it shipped as you need it.
  • We offer a variety of durable UL- and cUL-recognized label stock and adhesive solutions.

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