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Technical and Customer Service

Technical Service Representative

Technical Service

Let us help you achieve a better business result. With an average 20 years each of wide-ranging industry experience under their belts, our technical specialists offer application expertise and technical know-how to deliver one-of-a-kind solutions that help you lock in business. Furthermore, they have an entire team of people to help them help you – from chemists and product engineers in our labs to machine operators in manufacturing who have mastered their art. It’s expertise that you can leverage when unique opportunities present themselves. Coupled with a vast array of films, topcoats, adhesives and liners to choose from, the possibilities are practically limitless. We’ll take our industry know-how, along with what we know about your business, and find a way. It’s what we do day in and day out. And we love it!

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service

This vital resource supports your day-to-day needs. Need a quote? Your customer service representative can provide quotes, as well as recommendations of standard VBS products if you’re not quite sure which one will be the best fit for your application. If it turns out your questions require a higher level of product or application expertise, s/he can easily put you in touch with your technical service representative. Need to know the status of your order? He or she can help with that as well, and also get your registered on our website so that you can access the information online at your convenience if that’s something that appeals to you.

Working Together, Anything is Possible

By taking a holistic approach to your challenge, new possibilities for you to win are often revealed. Maybe it’s a complete UL migration plan, rather than the adoption of one product, that enables you to offer a more complete solution for your own customers. Or maybe it’s a product mix that offers improved efficiency with lower overall costs rather than a better per MSI price. Whatever the path, the goal is always to positively impact your bottom line - to achieve a better business result, not just a better product.

The truth is, we won’t rest until we’ve found the best way to help you succeed. We listen. We innovate. We test. We deliver. Let’s make things happen! Contact us today.