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Our DAP-Certified Technical Response Lab is at Your Service

When an issue arises, our DAP-certified* Technical Response Lab (TRL) is dedicated to answering your product questions quickly. Call (508) 885-8214 or email support@FLEXcon.com.

Watch this video to hear how we solved a product issue and got it on a customer's dock the next day. Read more about FLEXcon's services and capabilities.

Product Component Identification

If you want to identify the components of a product or find a comparable alternative, our TRL can help. Your request will typically be turned around within 24 hours of submission.

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Durability Testing

Want to be sure your graphic will still look great after two years outdoors? We can conduct accelerated weather testing as well as a variety of other aging and exposure tests.

  • accelerated weathering
  • heat aging
  • humidity aging
  • chemical exposure testing
  • abrasion testing

Surface Testing

Need to know what product will work best on your application surface? We can conduct adhesion testing on your specific parts and make a recommendation based on your application requirements. Just send us samples of your substrate, and we’ll get right on it.

If UL-recognition is a requirement, we’ll get your product qualified pronto! Being a DAP-certified lab means that UL recognizes our test results as their own. This allows you to obtain quick test results on surfaces or with inks that aren’t already included in our UL listing for the product in question, including custom constructions.

Having a partner like FLEXcon, who's committed to making the product right and our business a success, is invaluable to Metalcraft.

– Dean Hanson, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing, Metalcraft

Custom Samples and Data Sheets

If you’re working with us on a custom construction, we can provide hand samples created in our lab for qualification purposes prior to running any trials, as well as data sheets for any custom constructions you purchase from us.

Third Party Testing

If you need an independent quantitative analysis, we have access to third party labs at partner companies, suppliers and universities that can provide test data on standard methods, as well as provide data on tests we may not be able to perform in-house.

Complaint Analysis

If your request concerns a product you have recently purchased, we’ve retained a sample of every order for the past 10 years to quickly test material integrity. We have over 600,000 samples archived, so you may not even need to send us one. Our goal is to have results available within 72 hours of submitting your request for most request types, and we’ll never charge you if product quality is in question.

*Underwriters Laboratories recognizes our test results as their own.