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Our Technical Response Lab Offers Cost-Free Support

If your request concerns a product you have recently purchased, we’ve retained a sample of every order for the past 10 years to quickly test material integrity. We have over 600,000 samples archived, so you may not even need to send us one, and we’ll never charge you if product quality is in question. From ink adhesion testing to tack, peel and shear testing of an adhesive, to product recommendations for a specific application, our Technical Response Lab (TRL) is a resource dedicated to answering your product questions quickly so that you can keep moving. Our goal is to have results available within 72 hours of submitting your request for most request types.

Whether it’s about why you can’t print on a particular film, why an adhesive is not sticking to a specific surface, or even if your question is about another vendor’s product, our technicians will provide you with the answers you need. 

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Third Party Labs

In the event you need an independent quantitative analysis, we have access to third party labs at partner companies, suppliers and universities that can provide test data on standard methods, as well as provide data on tests we may not be able to perform in-house.

Contact Support at (508) 885-8214 or support@FLEXcon.com.