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CSA Compliance and Adoption Program

What is CSA Acceptance?

For a label material to have CSA acceptance, it must pass a series of durability tests and remain legible. The testing includes exposure to a range of temperatures, as well as exposure to various chemicals, including cooking oil, motor oil, laundry detergents, cleaning solutions and gasoline, along with many other solvents and chemicals. Materials must also pass abrasion testing and remain legible. 

Flat Fee Adoptions with CSA

CSA is introducing a flat fee adoption program. The total cost for CSA adoption depends on several factors, such as amount of base products and of overlaminating films needed. Regardless of the total cost, once you hit a specific sales target, FLEXcon will reimburse your basic adoption fee for base film and/or overlaminate that you paid to CSA. If you select additional inks or surfaces to the basic file, there may be additional costs.

FLEXcon's technical experts will guide you through this process.

FLEXcon Can Support Your CSA Business

We have a broad range of pre-approved CSA products. Our technical experts can help you through the testing process and will collaborate with you and CSA to develop the best CSA testing strategy and product for your needs. If you require a product with performance criteria outside of our portfolio, we will work with our industry co-suppliers to build the product to meet your requirements.

Benefits of Working With FLEXcon

You can offer better performing and/or less expensive products to your clients with products that meet performance, price and delivery requirements. 

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