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Agency Recognition

The many chemists, quality technicians and other experts in our lab can facilitate testing that may be required for UL, ASTM, BS 5609 and many other industry performance standards.


When it comes to durable applications, you can take advantage of our close relationship with UL, as well as our broad range of UL-recognized products, to ensure compliance. Furthermore, we are able to conduct any testing required for UL compliance in our DAP certified lab. This means that we can certify our own materials for UL labeling, including print durability with a variety of inks and ribbons. This enables you to adopt UL-recognized products with the inks included. We will even reimburse UL’s basic adoption fee, so if you adopt our UL listing as-is, the net cost to you will be zero. Visit our UL page for detailed information.

BS 5609

We can conduct Section 3 testing on any of our FLEXcon® DRUMcal™ Section 2-approved products with your inks. We’ll need your printed samples for testing. Contact your Customer Service Representative to get started.

ASTM, ISO and Other Industry Performance Standards

Many of our products have been tested in our labs or by independent laboratories for compliance with certain regulatory or industry standards, such as ASTM, ISO, UL 410, automotive, government and military standards. Your technical service representative can provide details regarding specific products.