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Label. It sounds so simple. Yet we both know there is a lot packed into that little word. 

Just about everything we touch has a label on it – from our shampoo bottles to our lawn mowers. That’s why FLEXcon devotes substantial time and resources to the development of pressure-sensitive film products for nearly every type of label imaginable. From vinyls to polyesters to polypropylenes and specialty films, as well as a complete offering of adhesives and topcoats,  the range of our products is as far-reaching as the variety of label applications out there. 

So what are your critical success factors? Label aesthetics, perhaps, or durability. Maybe you need specific performance characteristics such as heat or UV resistance. Whatever your substrate needs, we either have something that will fulfill them, or we can develop something that will. 


Our technical team is the best in the industry, and our collaborative work with partners and suppliers, such as UL, TLMI, and ink and equipment manufacturers, ensures that our products will run without issues and perform as expected.

So when you need a collaborative partner, one who will work through all the details, we are at your service – ready and willing to do whatever it takes to meet the challenge. We’ll look at the big picture to offer you the best result for your business.

Whether you focus on primary labeling, durable labeling, or labeling to meet a uniquely challenging standard, we have the expertise, equipment and level of service to create that ideal solution. The solution that helps you land that most profitable piece of business, or achieve that higher level of efficiency – the solution that makes your business thrive.

So if you’re looking for the best overall solution, call us at 508-885-8300. We’ll help you find it.

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