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Doing Unique Things with Adhesives and Films

Bonding Solutions

We offer transfer tapes and single- and double-coated constructions that adhere to a variety of surfaces. Metal, plastic, foam, felt, film, foil, rubber, composites… no two application surfaces are alike. Each presents its own unique challenges, and we'll help you identify the right adhesive for your application. 

Our performance adhesives are available in standard and custom constructions. Need something special? No problem. We can adjust adhesive thicknesses, carrier films, and liners to create a custom solution to meet the demands of your application.

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Engineered Films

Our dedicated team is ready to embrace your innovative ideas and create the perfect solution. It could be the application of a coating (yours or ours). Or, maybe you need a multi-layer construction to facilitate specific functionality, such as to aid or prohibit the migration of moisture or oxygen, conduct electricity, add flexibility or rigidity, withstand temperature extremes, etc. We offer many standard products, for instance solar panel backsheets, or we can create a custom construction depending on your needs. Whatever out-of-the-box solution you may be looking for, we're ready to get the creative wheels turning. We can mix and match our own components, or work with yours to create the engineered or specialty film that will accomplish your goal.

It's not every day that you have a room full of people excited to hear about your problems. Call us crazy, but we'd love to be your first call, every timeContact our Performance Products Business Team today to discuss solutions for your specific application.

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Supporting Your Product Development Efforts.

We get it - all the what-ifs and unknowns that you face during product development. The good news is that you’re not alone. Assisting with customers’ product development efforts is something we do every day. We can do unique things with adhesives and films, and we’ll use our expertise to identify just the right path to ensure your success.

Let's collaborate!

Realizing New Possibilities.

Our team will begin by asking lots of questions to develop an intimate understanding of your application needs. Together, we’ll tap into all the resources FLEXcon has to offer, such as our labs, clean room, and manufacturing capabilities to build and deliver the reliable products you need. We’ll work with your challenging surfaces and application environments to find the very best total solution to your challenge. 

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