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Embossing Capabilities

Embossing is the process by which we impart a texture or pattern on the surface of a film to create additional functionality. Embossing patterns range from very light texturization to extreme.

Here’s what you can gain from using an embossed base film or overlaminate.

Visual Aesthetics

  • Elimination of Glare. Embossing a film’s surface can produce a matte appearance which can increase readability of large format graphics by eliminating glare.
  • Tactile Interest. Texture can increase the appeal of graphics that will be touched, such as promotional graphics on tabletops, counters, walls, labels, and P-O-P displays.
  • Visual Appeal. Texture can also make graphics look more realistic by giving a 3D appearance to 2D images of textured surfaces, such as bricks or sand.

Performance Functionality

  • Slip-Resistance. Graphics for floors and carpets must pass slip-resistance testing pursuant to ASTM standards. One way to accomplish the necessary results is by embossing the overlaminate, so that dry feet won’t catch and wet feet won’t slip.
  • Outdoor Durability. Embossed films degrade more slowly than smooth films, providing greater resistance to weather and UV rays.
  • Biomimicry. Use microscopic patterns that mimic nature to achieve specific results. For example, a shark skin pattern mimics the texture of shark skin, causing it to be resistant to bacterial growth. Our Motheye pattern can be used to refract light through a film with eye-catching effects.
Microembossed roll

Custom Patterns

We work as a technology partner with a variety of companies to achieve specific performance results on high-tech products.