Coating Capabilities

Application of pressure sensitive adhesive to film or other material


A uniform layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive, printable topcoat or other functional coating can be applied to a film or other material, including fabric, foam, or your unique substrate. Visit our Contract Coating page for more on our specific coating capabilities.


Adhesive & Functional Coating

Whether you need an exceptionally thick layer of adhesive, a very thin one, or any point in between of a solvent acrylic, emulsion acrylic, silicone or rubber adhesive, we can accommodate. Our gauge control is within 10% of the specification, whether we’re coating nanometers, microns, or mils (thousands), and we’ll choose from a multitude of coating methods depending on the viscosity of the adhesive and the coating thickness. 

Zone Coating/Dry Edge

When you need certain areas of the film to be free of adhesive, the adhesive can be coated in lanes, leaving alternating lanes free of adhesive. If your need is to have rolls with the edges free of adhesive, it can then be slit within the adhesive-free lanes to provide dry-edge rolls to avoid blocking of the rolls and adhesive ooze during processing.

Topcoating for Print Compatibility

We’re constantly developing and testing printable topcoats (a/k/a primers) to improve ink laydown and ensure adhesion with the latest printing technologies. These coatings are then applied to our graphic film products so you can be assured optimum print quality, whether you’re using a conventional or digital print method.

Custom Coating

Need a substrate coated with one of our adhesives or coatings, or your own coating? Take advantage of our decades of experience for your Contract Coating needs by allowing us to serve as your technology partner.

Application of Other Functional Coatings

There are a multitude of coatings available that can be applied to a film to change the visual aesthetics or to facilitate a certain functionality. Some of the purposes for which these coatings may be added are to:

  • change the gloss level of the film
  • improve adhesion/prevent adhesion
  • add color
  • change haze level
  • serve as an anti-fog agent
  • serve as an anti-fungal agent
  • add friction or give slip
  • selectively deaden the adhesive (known as a break coating)