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Brushing and Dyeing Capabilities


From stainless steel to silk, we can impart a unique surface texture to films.

  • Visual aesthetics: Get the look of brushed metal with a metalized film. Available colors are:
    • silver
    • gold
    • stainless steel
    • platinum
    • copper
  • Durability: The rougher surface of a brushed film aids durability.


Our unique dyeing process creates superior dye adhesion compared to competitive products. The uniform translucent colors form a chemical bond with clear film to offer many options for promotional, packaging and labeling applications.

  • Using a dyed film means no risk of voids like with flood coating.
  • The minimum order for a dyed film is less than for a colored film.
  • Available colors:
    • silver
    • gold
    • copper
    • pewter