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Gaining a "Greener" Competitive Advantage

Cummins Label Utilizes FLEXcon's UL Adoption Program

Challenge and Goals

Cummins Label, an integrated label converter that services the Food and Beverage industry, Medical Device Manufacturing, Personal Care, Pet Products, Agricultural Chemical, Lawn & Garden and other specialty markets, wanted to offer customers competitive pricing on labeling products while providing more eco-friendly solutions. To avoid added costs and project delays, the company was also looking to eliminate the need for internal UL testing.


FLEXcon was able to provide Cummins Label with UL-recognized products, including products which offer the next generation in topcoat, film and adhesive technology solutions, as well as “greener” options such as more eco-friendly adhesives and the industry’s first post-consumer waste release liner.


FLEXcon was able to help this converter streamline the process of achieving UL label compliance to fulfill industry and consumer-safety standards while reducing time and costs. FLEXcon’s UL Adoption Program allowed Cummins Label to successfully integrate numerous UL-recognized FLEXcon products into their own UL portfolio to offer more competitive label products to the marketplace, and also to provide more eco-friendly solutions for their increasingly environmentally conscious clientele.

Cummins Label

As a label converter in a highly competitive industry, we can’t afford the time or expense of UL testing ourselves. FLEXcon’s UL Adoption Program enables us to offer more competitive label products while clearly demonstrating our commitment to customers' safety requirements.

– Scott Nagel, Cummins Label