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FLEXcon Develops Label Stock for Textured Oil Filter Caps

Durable Label Handles Extreme Temperature and Environmental Conditions

Challenge and Goals

Recent advancements in the design of automobiles have made it difficult for consumers and mechanics to reach oil filter containers for oil changes and regular maintenance. Innovative companies have introduced textured oil filter container caps, which allow mechanics or at-home car enthusiasts to unscrew the cap by hand, eliminating the need to use a wrench. The textured cap needs an identifying label that can withstand extreme conditions – oil, water, grease, weather, etc. When Action Packaging Systems, Inc. needed a resilient label solution for oil filter container caps, they turned to FLEXcon.

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We turned to FLEXcon for this project as they have been a longtime partner of Action Packaging Systems and are one of the most innovative companies for advanced solutions.

– Douglas Rice, President, Action Packaging Systems, Inc.


“Having worked with Action Packaging Systems for over 30 years, we understand their business and when they asked us to develop an adhesive that can adhere to a difficult surface, we were excited for the challenge to bring an innovative product to the marketplace,” said Kathy Johnson, Technical Service Representative, FLEXcon. 

Using polyester label stock coated with high-performance adhesive, FLEXcon was able to develop a material that adheres to the oil filter container cap without being too sticky or gummy. The label is durable enough to handle the extreme temperature and environmental conditions automobile parts have to experience throughout the lifetime of the car.

Action Packaging

This project took a lot of lab work as the FLEXcon technicians had to test and combine existing products to develop a solution that can withstand extreme elements and meet all safety regulations.

Douglas Rice, President, Action Packaging Systems, Inc.

We listened to {their} challenges, asked the right questions to understand their converting and end use requirements, and used our product and application knowledge.

Kathy Johnson, Technical Service Representative, FLEXcon


“During the process, the business was at risk of being underpriced by Action Packaging’s competition, but we were able to make a product at the needed price point that met all performance requirements and allowed them to win the business," said Kathy Johnson, Technical Service Representative, FLEXcon. "We did encounter a few additional challenges throughout the process – labels not sticking and performance issues with adhesives – but we were able to continue innovating to produce a solution that meets all requirements by talking through the details of the application with Doug and his team.”