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We are the promise of opportunities realized.

What makes FLEXcon unique is our relentless pursuit of the right coated and laminated film or adhesive for each and every application - a total solution with fewer compromises. Our aim is high with a goal of achieving a better business result for you, not just delivering a better product.

Our approach is highly personalized and focused. From the beginning, we treat you like you are our only customer. We listen. We question to gain clarity. We innovate. We test. And we deliver. No cookie-cutter solutions here. We’ll leave that to others.

You see, we believe that new possibilities for you to win exist everywhere – big and small. And it’s our purpose to help you find them and make the most of them.

Collaboration matters.

We work closely with you and your team according to what’s possible, instead of being confined by what is. It’s not about shortcuts and taking the routine path. We don’t rest until we’re certain we’ve found the best way to help you succeed.

Having a partner like FLEXcon, who's committed to making the product right and our business successful, is invaluable to Metalcraft.

– Dean Hanson, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing at Metalcraft

Custom solutions are the core of our business.

We thrive on creating unique products for your specific needs that you won’t find anywhere else. While other companies focus their product development efforts on meeting broad market demands, FLEXcon solutions are customer-driven and geared towards meeting your individual product construction needs – one application at a time - all with an eye toward helping you differentiate your brand from your competition. Let us earn your trust.

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More standard solutions than any other supplier.

We realize that sometimes all you need is a standard product. We've developed our Value-Better-Supreme product offering of more than 400 standard products designed for more than 2,000 of the most popular applications – from high-temperature printed circuit boards, to cooler graphics, to industrial gasket sealing. Our team has pre-tested each one on actual application surfaces. With VBS, you can quickly select the right product that meets your specific performance, price and delivery requirements. VALUE – Solid-performing products where price concerns are paramount and performance can be less robust. BETTER – Popular, high-quality products designed to fulfill the requirements of most applications. SUPREME – Higher-performing solutions for your most demanding applications.