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Outstanding Commitment to On-the-Job Safety

It's our commitment to place worker safety at the top of our priority list. We reinforce both off-the-job and on-the-job safety awareness in multiple ways, from training to worksite hazard analysis to communications through use of “Toolbox Talks”, and group and individual recognition for safety performance. Our employees are involved in many areas of our safety process, from participating on Safety Committees to conducting facility audits. This participation has helped our employees be active participants in ensuring a safe workplace.

To request more information about our safety process, contact Jim Tessier, Manager, Safety & Environmental, at (508) 885-8474.


Committed to Your Success

Jared Benningfield, Assoc. Process Engineer - Kentucky

“As an engineer, it can be tempting to come up with an elaborate solution to a problem. However, by collaborating with team members, we often uncover simple ways to improve processes that can have a big impact on safety, quality or productivity. I take a practical stance. My goal is not to dictate solutions but, rather, to remove barriers so that my team members can make decisions about how best to solve the problems and get the customers what they need.

We analyze the process steps together and ask ourselves, ‘Do we really need that step? Is it adding any benefit?’ If the answer is ‘no’ then we eliminate it. Reducing complexity in this collaborative way is a win for everyone because it improves quality and efficiency while respecting the team members who do the work.

I truly enjoy the relationships I’ve formed working alongside my team members and customers, and I can honestly say that I see them as more than just co-workers. We’ve built strong relationships which have allowed us to grow as a team, and I value that a great deal.

In my spare time, I work on community outreach programs with Rotary, and I like to spend time with family and friends on the lake or just being in the great outdoors.”

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