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Consumers are laser-focused on the environment and demanding more sustainable solutions for the products they buy, and regulatory bodies are seeking ways to minimize the use of plastics and enable their recyclability. For print service providers and equipment manufacturers, that may mean sourcing more eco-friendly materials or rethinking processes.

FLEXcon offers a variety of more sustainable product options:

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Packaging Products Designed to Promote & Enable Recyclability

SHELF Select

Non-PVC Films for Retail & Advertising

  • FLEXcon® SHELF Select® CPET1FZR for shelf labels and shelf tags contains up to 30% post-industrial recycled content, and 1 mil thickness means less waste into the landfill. 
  • FLEXcon® WALLdeco™ polycoated fabric for wall graphics is a non-vinyl option that provides a high-end look.
  • FLEXcon® WINDOWdeco™ polyolefins for window graphics are phthalate-free and comply with CONEG and CPSIA.

Sustainable yet durable Polypropylene films

Sustainable yet Durable Polypropylene Films for Consumer Durables, Electronics, Transportation, and Industrial Labeling

Polypropylene films have less impact on the environment when they are eventually discarded. Roll form products feature our 50 lb. kraft release liner made from up to 30% post-consumer waste.

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