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Flying High at Logan International Airport

ICL Imaging Makes Impactful Impression On Consumers On the Go

ICL Imaging Logan Airport

Challenge and Goals

ICL Imaging needed to print advertisements for major brands at Logan International Airport. The graphics being produced are used in terminals and walkways, to display brand promotional advertising and provide privacy for airport visitors. Their goal was to provide graphics that meet the strict requirements enforced by the transit authority. A lack of performance could cause a ripple effect of challenges that could negatively impact the brand promotion.


ICL Imaging turned to FLEXcon to help their customers meet their branding needs. By utilizing FLEXcon® SEETHRU-SIGN® perforated window film, they were able to provide materials for their customers’ advertisements that offer visibility from the inside looking out with only limited visibility from the outside looking in, which was a requirement of the airport.

The quick installation and easy removal minimized disruptions for travelers and the brand’s messages were visible to airport visitors upon arrival. The graphics did not leave behind any adhesive residue which is critical as brands regularly change out graphics with new messaging.


Airport visitors are now exposed to brand messages as they move about the terminals. FLEXcon and ICL Imaging have created a way to easily install and cleanly remove brand advertisements at Logan International airport as promotions and messaging changes. Brands are able to showcase their messaging to airport guests in a meaningful way while still meeting airport regulations.

FLEXcon’s SEETHRU-SIGN® allows brands to make an immediate and impactful impression on consumers on the go. In airports, advertisements must be visible from the outside and allow optical clarity for see-thru viewing from the inside out. Our customers are thrilled with the final result and the product’s ability to be easily removed without leaving residue on the windows, which is critical as brands regularly adapt advertisements to ever-changing messages and promotions.

– Bill Smith, Director of Sales & Marketing, ICL Imaging