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Teasley Company Scores Big with Cotton Bowl Graphics

E. H. Teasley & Co. & Inkjet International (“Teasley Company”) has had a 20 year working relationship with the Cotton Bowl, which takes place in Dallas, Texas every four years. Over the years, they’ve printed everything from stadium signage to hotel VIP room decor. When the Bowl’s newest sponsor wanted to make a big splash at the 2015 season’s semi-final on New Year’s Eve with supersized window graphics, Teasley Company came through with flying colors.

The Project

Cover 16,000 sq. ft. of windows at either end of the AT&T Stadium with perforated window graphics depicting the Cotton Bowl Classic logo and the Goodyear blimp branded with the two teams that would be playing in the semi-final. That’s a lot of square footage, but it’s been done before so no problem, right?

The Challenge

Because the sponsor wanted to brand the graphics with the game’s semi-finalists, the artwork could not be finalized until just a week and a half before the game, after the two teams were announced. Furthermore, Teasley was printing numerous other graphics for the game, tying up every piece of equipment they had to get the job done. Let’s just say that some of their folks had to put in a wee bit of overtime to make this thing happen. 

To further raise the stakes, the Dallas Cowboys had a game scheduled for December 19th, so the installation couldn’t start until the 20th, giving Teasley Company’s team just four days to complete the entire installation in time for the arrival of the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Michigan State Spartans to North Texas on Christmas Day. They made it happen with time to spare using a crew at each end of the stadium installing graphics simultaneously. It was a long four days, but the results were spectacular. Teasley Company’s team then worked New Year’s Day to remove the graphics prior to the January 2nd Cowboys’ game.

The Material

Jeff Teasley has enjoyed an ongoing relationship with FLEXcon since 1992 and with sales representative Aaron Eastin for the past eight years, so there was no question about who he was going to call for a job of this magnitude. “Working with FLEXcon for over 20 years, we immediately turned to them to find a solution that would fit the branding needs of the sponsor, while abiding by all stadium regulations,” said Jeff Teasley, Owner, Teasley Company. “For this project, we needed a manufacturer to determine how different products would perform on the stadium doors and windows. We had to meet a number of stadium guidelines and FLEXcon ensured we used a product that was perfect for the project.” 

Jeff needed to be sure the job would go right. The tight timeline meant there could be no hiccups in the printing, installation or removal of the material.

Aaron consulted with technical folks on the inside at FLEXcon and came back to Jeff recommending a FLEXcon® SEETHRU-SIGN® perforated material with a 70/30 perf pattern. He told Jeff that at night, the lights inside the stadium would cause the graphics to become translucent and that the 70/30 pattern would minimize the effects by providing more print surface area than a more standard 60/40 pattern. He also assured Jeff that the material would come down easily and leave no adhesive residue on the windows – a concern of the Cowboys for their game two days after the Bowl because Teasley Company would have only one day, New Year’s Day, to remove everything.

Working with FLEXcon for over 20 years, we immediately turned to them to find a solution that would fit the branding needs of the sponsor, while abiding by all stadium regulations.

– Jeff Teasley, Owner, Teasley Company

The Result 

All went according to plan. The material printed well, the installation went smoothly, and the graphics came down easily and cleanly. The sponsor and the Cotton Bowl folks were thrilled with the outcome and received lots of positive feedback from fans and the teams. It was an all-around slam dunk, or should I say touchdown!?

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