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College Basketball Gets Interactive

Enhancing the Spectator Experience with Venue Graphics

Challenge and Goals

The College Basketball Experience, a world-class entertainment facility that houses the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame, wanted to deliver engaging visuals to improve their high-energy exhibits that place fans in electrifying game-like situations. The goal was to turn their 41,500-square-foot facility into a fan zone with displays that can be updated regularly as exhibits change. The College Basketball Experience needed custom graphic solutions for walls, floors and windows to transform the space.

College Basketball Experience

We were looking for a way to turn our 41,500-square-foot facility into a high-energy fan zone and turned to FLEXcon and Largeprinting.com to create custom solutions that allow our fans to feel like they are a part of their favorite team. We were blown away by how easily removable the wall, floor, and window graphics are allowing us to update our exhibits regularly.

– Kevin Henderson, C.E.O., College Basketball Experience


For The College Basketball Experience it was important for all graphics to be easily removed without causing any damage or leaving adhesive residue, which allows the flexibility to change their imagery whenever needed. The College Basketball Experience turned to Largeprinting.com, experts at large-format printing and displays, and FLEXcon to create custom solutions, selecting FLEXcon® WALLdeco™.

Graphics are used to convert a blank space into an engaging environment that allows people to feel immersed in the basketball experience and connect with the exhibit—and even feel like they are actually in the game. For example, the “Make the Pass” exhibit tests fans’ abilities to make three different types of passes and the wall graphics are used to make fans feel like they are passing to actual players. Additionally, FLEXcon’s FLEXmark® floor art™ graphics are used to create interactive games on the court that test the ability to make shots from different distances.


FLEXcon’s self-adhesive films allow The College Basketball Experience to easily update their graphics as exhibits change, while providing an interactive visual environment. FLEXcon products, along with largeprinting.com’s vision, provided the perfect solution to transform The College Basketball Experience. Now basketball fans can experience the thrill of being a collegiate basketball player and become immersed in the game.