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Because We’re All In This Together

Good Working Relationships Make the Difference

When we talk about the importance of relationships, we’re referring to the network of substrate manufacturers, such as ourselves and printer/converters, OEMs, raw material suppliers, co-suppliers, associations, compliance agencies and end users. Through these industry partner relationships, we collaborate on projects that are important to the industry as a whole, as well as to each of us individually – compatibility, performance, efficiency, safety and environmental responsibility, to name a few. We all bring different things to the table that, on their own, can only contribute so much, but when combined, can positively impact each other’s bottom lines for an overall benefit.

Our Industry Partners

Below are links to some of the groups we work with. We’d love to add your name to the list!

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Partner Solutions

Collaborative Approach

Many relationships have been forged with a goal toward filling unmet needs in the industry. We’ve worked very closely with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to simplify the process for expanding a converter’s UL file, while at the same time working with ink and ribbon manufacturers to qualify and test their products with our label substrates to facilitate combined product adoptions. A collaboration with Wausau Paper brought the industry’s first post-consumer waste release liner to market. The texturing of film to be similar to shark skin for use in the creation of screen protectors that limit bacterial contamination became a reality. We’ve been collaborating with Blueshift and NASA to develop insulative polyimide aerogel films that are revolutionizing the aerospace industry.

Partner with Us

Do you have an innovative idea to fill an unmet market need? If it involves pressure-sensitive films or adhesives, our technical service representatives, engineers and chemists are ready to work with you. We’d love to help you bring your idea to fruition. Let’s get in the think tank together! Call us.

Partner Solutions