FLEXible Converter Newsletters

There’s always something to talk about! Our quarterly newsletter helps keep you up-to-date with product news, technical tips, and application successes, and features a special message from Neil, our president.

Spring 2018

  • Do You Know What Your Customers Value?
  • A New Mindset Around Digital Label Printing
  • Joining the Digital Revolution: Living in the Reality of a Virtual World
  • Dare to Think Big
  • Tech Tip: The Challenges of Skin as a Substrate

Fall 2017

  • A Desire to Serve: Servant Leadership as the Means to Corporate Excellence
  • Cultivating An Emotional Connection
  • The Art of Building Customer Trust and Loyalty
  • Looking for Business Inspiration: Keep Your Eyes Open
  • Tech Tip: Common Narrow Format UV Inkjet Printing Issues
  • Is it Time to Rethink Your Differentiation? The Answer is Yes
  • Plug 'n' Play? No Way! Important Considerations When Switching Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Summer 2017

  • Finding New Opportunities (Relationships Really Do Matter)
  • A Great Customer Experience is Vital to Long-Term Profitability
  • More Habits for Building Long-Term Client Relationships
  • Tech Tip: 8 Things to Ask Yourself When Choosing a New UV Inkjet Press
  • Surf's Up! The Digital Wave Has Broken Firmly on the Conventional Beach
  • Polestar Takes Advantage of FLEXcon's Toll Coating Capabilities

Spring 2017

  • Lavon Winkler Joins FLEXcon North America as President
  • Change Is the Way of the World
  • Being Gritty
  • Common Laser Diecutting Challenges for the New User
  • Tapecon and FLEXcon Give Entrepreneurs a Kick-Start

Winter 2016

  • Interesting Perspectives from Neil: Keeping Our Culture Current 
  • 60 Years of Innovation and Evolution 
  • A Customer Culture Generates Business 
  • Why Are My Squeeze Tube Labels Failing?
  • Earning Trust
  • Stepping Outside the Box in Out-of-Home Advertising

Fall 2016

  • Interesting Perspectives from Neil: Why settle?
  • One Size Does Not Fit All: Because Not Everyone Is the Same Size
  • Standard vs. Custom: Which is Appropriate?
  • Partners In Progress: FiberLok and FLEXcon Bring Brand Labeling to a New Level
  • Skin Contact Adhesives: Will Self-Adhesive Wearable Devices Become a Real Thing?
  • Tech Tip: Avoiding Failure of South-Facing Window Graphics in Winter