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Lavon Winkler Retires from FLEXcon Company


Aimee Peacock Promoted to President

Spencer, Mass. – December 15, 2021 - FLEXcon Company, Inc., an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, today announced that Lavon Winkler will retire as President & CEO effective, January 30, 2022, and that Aimee Peacock, former Chief Financial Officer, has been promoted to President of FLEXcon North America. 


Lavon joined FLEXcon in 2017 to fuel the company’s growth and further develop career and succession planning to secure the future workforce. During his tenure, Lavon has focused on workforce development and motivation of employees through advanced training processes. He has led its team members toward a culture of servant leadership and continuous improvement through implementation of the Toyota Production System, resulting in year-over-year growth despite the ongoing pandemic. In 2020, Lavon was selected as one of Worcester Business Journal’s Power 50 for leading the company’s commitment to the community with the development of disposable face shields and fit test hoods for area medical facilities and EMS. 


“I am extremely excited about the future of FLEXcon, and I am proud of our progress since I joined the company in 2017,” said Lavon. “Thanks to the amazing work of all team members at all locations, we have progressed substantially in the transformation of our processes and our ongoing evolution toward a culture anchored in constructive principles and behaviors.” 


Aimee Peacock promoted to President, FLEXcon N.A.; Lavon Winkler retiring as President & CEO, effective January 30, 2022.
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Aimee Peacock joined FLEXcon as CFO in 2018 to assume financial oversight of the daily operations of FLEXcon N.A. She comes from a strong background encompassing extensive and diverse experience in financial analysis, financial modeling, forecasting and budgeting. Experienced in supporting large global public companies (Brooks Automation and Rogers Corporation), she is an influential leader as evidenced by her ability to transform organizations both culturally and operationally as they develop talent, navigate growth and plan for sustainable and prosperous futures. 


During her time at FLEXcon, Aimee has focused on integrating technologies and data analytics to drive problem-solving and improve efficiencies. She was named one of Worcester Business Journal’s 40 Under Forty in 2020. Aimee has clarified the company’s finances by providing financial transparency and education and has helped transition FLEXcon to a servant leadership model of management, promoting a culture of respect and continuous improvement. 


“Aimee has brought a vast amount of knowledge and experience to our company and helped us to build upon our rich history and success,” said Shaun McDonough, Exec. V.P. of Purpose, People and Process. “I am confident that under her leadership, we will continue to achieve greatness as a FLEXcon Family while continuing to support our community.” 

“This exciting role allows me to support the advancement of the organization and development of team members while we continue our transformation,” said Aimee. “I look forward to driving FLEXcon’s progress and growth as we realize our potential as a true innovator of material sciences.” 

Aimee’s contributions go beyond financial leadership. She recently received an Advanced Executive Certificate on Management, Innovation and Technology from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. She is an active participant in TLMI, serving as Chair of the TLMI Sustainability Awards Committee. She is also a founding member of Chief in Boston, a private network built to drive more women into leadership positions and strengthen their leadership journeys. As the first female to hold the role of President at FLEXcon, Aimee will continue to inspire women in all industries.  


“I am truly honored and humbled by this opportunity,” shared Aimee, “and extend my gratitude to the McDonough Family for trusting me with the immense responsibility of leading the organization into the future.” 

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