FLEXcon Announces Seven Year Outdoor Durable Fluoropolymer Film (PVDF) Overlaminate with Performance and Availability You Can Count On


UL/cUL Recognized for Durable Labeling Applications

FLEXcon, an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, today announced the availability of FLEXcon® DURApro OF 120 Clear L-10 42 White PP-8 (1.1-1.2) overlaminate for applications such as durable goods, healthcare, industrial equipment and transportation. The product is UL/cUL recognized under UL 969 – UL File No. PGGU2.MH10170 Marking and Labeling System Materials – Component. The product provides UV blocking (up to seven years), anti-graffiti and chemical resistance, as well as protection from moisture, abrasion and dirt.

DURApro OF 120 Clear is a 1.2 mil clear fluoropolymer (PVDF) film coated with a versatile, permanent clear acrylic adhesive and backed with a 42 lb. one-side poly coated white Kraft release liner. Besides being up to seven years UV resistant, it can withstand temperatures up to 152oF (66.7oC), and can be topcoated for use in printable applications. It is also available in Quick-Ship for fast delivery.

“At FLEXcon, we are continuously looking to bring solutions to market that meet our customers’ needs, including outdoor durability requirements and stability of supply, while keeping costs down, and this product does just that — a win, win,” said Ron Ducharme, Market Development Specialist, Product Identification Business Team, FLEXcon.

For more information on DURApro OF 120 Clear L-10 42 White PP-8 (1.1-1.2), please click here.

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