FLEXcon Announces Two New Highly-Conformable Cast Vinyl Products for Heavy Equipment Labeling and Permanent Outdoor Signage Applications


Cast Vinyl Adheres Well to Flat, Curved, and Riveted Surfaces

FLEXcon Company, Inc. an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, today announced the availability of FLEXcon® DPM® Cast White Opaque Sheet (CWOS) and Cast White Sheet (CWS) for heavy equipment labeling, permanent outdoor signage applications, and more. These 2.0 mil highly-conformable cast vinyls are coated with a high-performance, aggressive permanent adhesive (V-344). This industry-proven and recognized adhesive provides a permanent bond to plastics and metals, as well as moderately rough surfaces. The 90 lb. moisture stable release liner facilitates efficient converting and handling.

The DPM® cast vinyls, CWOS and CWS, complement FLEXcon’s extensive line of DPM® polyesters, calendared vinyls, overlaminates, as well as products for adhering to low-surface energy plastics, and bubble-free durable applications. Both CWOS and CWS adhere to flat, curved, and riveted surfaces, and are resistant to shrinkage and outdoor elements. DPM® CWOS features a “gray coating” on the backside of the film which provides 100 percent opacity for graphics and ensures application surface color does not bleed through. Products are printable via UV and solvent screen, and are available in Quick-Ship for fast delivery.

“The DPM® CWOS and CWS products are highly-conformable cast vinyls with excellent dimensional stability needed for heavy equipment labeling (tractors, mowers, farm equipment, etc.) and permanent outdoor signage applications,” said Brian Ayers, Market Development Specialist, Product Identification Business Team, FLEXcon. “In addition, these products have a 7-year outdoor durability rating.”

For more information and to order samples of DPM® CWOS and CWS, please click here.

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