FLEXcon in the News

2/22/2024 - Label & Narrow Web

Sustainable Films

1/1/2024 - Wearable Technologies

January 2024: Hydrogel-Free Flexcon® Omni-Wave™ for Biosensing

11/30/2023 - Digital Output

Take the Easy Road: Wrap Films Offer Ease of Application

11/15/2023 - Digital Output

Clear Alternatives: PVC-Free Window Media

11/7/2023 - Digital Output

Easy Street: Vehicle Wrap Media

11/1/2023 - Digital Output

Quality and Durability: PVC-Free Window Media Options

10/2/2023 - Digital Output

Play Well Together Mixed Materials in POP and Display

8/31/2023 - Digital Output

Sustainability in the Graphic Arts: 2023 Report

8/1/2023 - Industrial Print

Take It Off Debonding Media for Easy Recyclability

7/28/2023 - Digital Output

Gaining Confidence: 2023 State of the Industry

7/17/2023 - Delta ModTech Blog

Hydrogel Alternative: FLEXcon Creates a Healthcare Industry Disrupter

6/1/2023 - Digital Output

Sparkle and Shine Specialty Media to Stand Out

5/30/2023 - Big Picture

3 Wide-Format Projects Honoring Top Performers

4/15/2023 - Industrial Print

Look in the Mirror: Health Beauty Consumer Products

4/1/2023 - Industrial Print

Staying Strong: Durables/Harsh Environments

3/15/2023 - Industrial Print

Drink Labels Spirts, Beer, and Wine

1/31/2023 - Digital Output

New & Old: Reader's Choice Top 50 2023

1/31/2023 - Digital Output

Wide Window: Glass Murals

1/26/2023 - Digital Output

Take it to the Floor: Floor Graphic Media for Toner-Based Technology

1/24/2023 - Label & Narrow Web

Film Innovation

1/3/2023 - Digital Output

Surface Pressure: Self-Adhesive Media for Challenging Surfaces

11/26/2022 - DPS Magazine

Mastering Peel and Stick: Installing Wall Graphics and Adhesive-Backed Media

10/11/2022 - Label & Narrow Web

Domino releases ‘Supply Chain in Crisis’ video

10/6/2022 - Chief Executive

The Giant Leap to Digital

10/5/2022 - Label & Narrow Web

Labelexpo Americas Post-Show Report

10/4/2022 - Healthcare Packaging

DSCSA: Labels Practically as Important as the Medicine Itself

10/4/2022 - Packaging Digest

What’s New in Label Sustainability?

9/5/2022 - Industrial Print

The Circularity of Product Packaging: A Look at Sustainable Media

9/1/2022 - Digital Output

Sparkle, Shimmer, Shine: Metallized Specialty Films

8/16/2022 - Printing News

Think Cast Vinyl Is a Must for That Project? Think Again

8/8/2022 - Digital Output

Working Out 2022: State of the Industry

8/1/2022 - Digital Output

Optimism Measured by Trade Shows

6/1/2022 - Digital Output

The Plush Life: Carpet Graphics

5/27/2022 - Amherst Label

Sustainability in Printing

5/26/2022 - Label & Narrow Web


5/1/2022 - Digital Output

Smooth Operator: Floor Graphics for Flat Surfaces

4/12/2022 - Label & Narrow Web

Security, smart technology highlight growing pharmaceutical labeling market

4/1/2022 - Digital Output

Direct and Protected: How Coatings Add Value to Display Graphics

4/1/2022 - Digital Output

Floor Graphics Get in the Groove(s): Stippled/Textured Hard Surfaces

2/15/2022 - Worcester Business Journal

The nuances of leadership: Peacock rises to be FLEXcon’s first female president

1/26/2022 - Digital Output

A Brilliant Group: Reader's Choice Top 50

1/26/2022 - Digital Output

The Phthalate Debate: Weighing the Pros and Cons of PSA Vinyl

1/26/2022 - Digital Output

The Great Disappearing Act: Printing to Optically Clear Media

12/28/2021 - Digital Output

Can You Feel It? Making the Most of Textured Surfaces

11/28/2021 - Digital Output

How to Apply – Wet or Dry? Window Graphic Application

11/17/2021 - Label & Narrow Web

FLEXcon explains how label materials impact container recyclability

10/28/2021 - Digital Output

Maximizing Valuable Space Wallcoverings for Display and POP

10/5/2021 - whattheythink.com

Trends in the New Normal: Changing Consumer Behaviors Are Driving Change In-Store

9/28/2021 - Digital Output

Easy Street Pressure-Sensitive Media Designed for Ease of Install

8/28/2021 - Digital Output

Graphics Reawakening: State of the Industry 2021

8/18/2021 - Industrial Print

Sticking With Sustainability: The Rise of Sustainable Label Media

8/16/2021 - Label & Narrow Web

FLEXcon seeks to educate customers on sustainability

6/21/2021 - Label & Narrow Web

FLEXcon details the importance of material selection

6/3/2021 - Label & Narrow Web

Beauty & Personal Care Labels: Consumers are seeking brands that match their values in these prominent labeling segments.

5/14/2021 - Sign Africa

FLEXcon Expands Vinyl Line For Large Format Advertising Applications

5/13/2021 - Graphic Display World

FLEXcon expands house vinyl line for improved performance of large-format graphics

4/28/2021 - Digital Output

Merchandising Magic: Windows for Display & POP

3/29/2021 - Label & Narrow Web

FLEXcon highlighting new eco-friendly label materials

3/28/2021 - Digital Output

Staying Engaged: Floor Graphics Keep You Going

3/26/2021 - Digital Output

Jack of All Graphics: Multi-Purpose Vinyl Products

3/9/2021 - Financial Post

FLEXcon Unveils New Eco-Friendly Label Materials Designed to Support Sustainable Packaging

3/8/2021 - Sign Builder Illustrated

FLEXcon Helps Modernistic Create Dazzling Decal for SGIA Using SHIMMERcalT

3/4/2021 - Medical Product Outsourcing

Resourceful Resources: Materials Make a Difference During the Pandemic

3/3/2021 - Big Picture

Vinyl-wrapped aluminum letters make a big impact

2/26/2021 - Digital Output

Rebounding into a New Year: Reader's Choice Top 50 2021

12/16/2020 - Label & Narrow Web

Jessica Barnes joins FLEXcon North America

8/13/2020 - Digital Output Magazine

We Pressed Pause, but it’s Time to Play - State of the Industry 2020

8/6/2020 - Graphic Display World

FLEXcon Introduces floor graphic materials for flexographic printing

7/29/2020 - Design and Development Today

Film and Label Manufacturer Pivots, Delivers for Frontline Workers

7/29/2020 - Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operations (IMPO)

Film and Label Manufacturer Pivots, Delivers for Frontline Workers

7/23/2020 - Signs of the Times

FLEXcon North America Hires New Chief Operations Officer

6/24/2020 - WCVB Chronicle

PPE Made in Mass

6/4/2020 - Label & Narrow Web

Workforce Challenges: Label industry companies examine the factors shaping their workforce of tomorrow.

8/26/2019 - Industrial Print Magazine

Selecting Stocks: Knowledge is Key When Choosing Label Media