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A History of Converting Challenges into Opportunities

One Application at a Time

It takes an innovative spirit to try something no one else is willing to try, and that’s exactly the spirit Myles McDonough had back in 1956 when he produced his first pressure-sensitive film product in his Spencer garage. At a time when other film suppliers only wanted to produce commodity products that could be run fast and at high volumes, Myles had a vision - one where he would fill the needs of other innovators who wanted to use pressure-sensitive in new and different ways, who needed a development partner to turn their ideas into reality. He took the small volume jobs no one else wanted and the unique applications. Through outstanding service, technical expertise and sheer ingenuity, he filled that need – one application at a time.
1950 to 1960

1950 – 1970

  • 1956 – FLEXcon is founded by producing plastic film laminates for women’s shoes and handbags. The fashion industry would never be the same!  
  • 1960’s - Dyeing, brushing, embossing, and topcoating are added to our capabilities.



  • 1970’s - Film products for prime labeling added to our mix due to the growth in sheet- and roll-form labeling. 
  • 1980’s - FLEXcon® THERMLfilm® is introduced. FLEXcon transforms the variable printing industry by pulling together all the suppliers to the durable labeling industry – ribbon manufacturers, printer OEMs and UL – to enable converters to choose products easily. 
  • Coatings developed for specific print methods. 
  • Quality Management System implemented to ensure consistent product performance.

1970's to 1980's


  • 1992 - Neil McDonough becomes President.
  • 1993 - Addition of a 400,000 sq. ft. facility in Nebraska to better serve the central and western U.S.
  • 1994 - First ISO certification received.
  • The no-label-look on glass beverage bottles is developed with Clearly Canadian.
  • Value-Better-Supreme (VBS) product offering is introduced, including over 450 proven products for the most popular applications. 
  • Development of tacky silicone adhesives for extreme-temperature bonding applications.

2010 and beyond

2010 and Beyond

  • 2011 - Acquisition of Arlon Graphics and SMV Technologies.
  • Technology and Innovations Center opens, bringing all of our product development resources together under one roof.
  • 2015 - FLEXcon signs deal with NASA to manufacture and market polyimide aerogel.
  • 2017 - Lavon Winkler joins FLEXcon North America as President. Neil McDonough remains CEO & Chairman of FLEXcon North America, FLEXcon Europe, FLEXcon Industrial, Arlon Graphics and Blueshift Materials.

Today FLEXcon is the leading global manufacturer of coated and laminated films and adhesives with sales of $300 million annually and more than 1,000 employees worldwide. Our employees, who average 13 years of service, strive for an operational and innovative organization that will benefit local, regional, and world-wide markets.