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How to Order - Information we need to get your order started.

To avoid processing delays, please be sure to include the following information when placing an order:

  • Company name, city and state 
  • FLX# or product name 
  • Part number, if applicable 
  • PO number 
  • Format – rolls / sheets 
  • Roll width and length / sheet dimensions 
  • Number of rolls / sheets 
  • Special instructions, if any 
  • Shipping address - specify if different than what we have on file 
  • Your UPS/FedEX account no., if shipping collect via one of those carriers 

Need to know about typical turnaround times? Check out our Delivery Capabilities.

Need a product recommendation? We can help. Try to have the following information handy. The more info we have, the easier it will be for us to make an appropriate recommendation.

  • Print technology 
  • Dispensing method 
  • Application type (i.e. durable label, personal care label, floor graphic, window graphic, bonding, etc.) 
  • Application surface(s) (i.e. painted metal, HDPE, formica, etc.) 
  • Possible exposures, such as heat, moisture, chemicals, UV, etc. or processes such as sterilization, pasteurization, etc. 
  • Lifetime of application – weeks, months, years 
  • Agency requirements (UL, BS 5609, ASTM, etc.) 
  • Removability 
  • Material specifications – thickness, color, etc. 
  • Other application specifications

And of course, you can always feel free to contact your sales, customer service or technical service representative directly with any questions.

Looking for the e-store? We are updating & enhancing our e-commerce site. Please call or e-mail to place your order, we appreciate your business.