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Development of innovative coatings, film laminations, and functional technologies is what we do. Supporting you through product selection, application challenges, and product development is how we do it. The result is co-created solutions that solve problems and set you apart.



Flexcon is a purpose-driven, materials science company that develops and manufactures materials and products that enable customers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace while also making the world safer, more visible and more livable. Customers benefit from outstanding industry expertise and proven process capabilities that ensure their success while also contributing to a circular economy.

Why Flexcon

Humble Beginnings

It started with one man’s innovative spirit. In 1956, Myles McDonough produced his first pressure-sensitive film products in a Spencer garage – plastic film laminates for women's shoes and handbags. At a time when other film suppliers only wanted to produce commodity products that could be run fast and at high volumes, Myles took the small volume jobs and unique applications no one wanted. He turned the needs of other innovators into reality - one application at a time.

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Expanded Capabilities

Flexcon has steadily expanded its coating and laminating capabilities to include embossing, holography and microstructures. Contract coating services and clean room capabilities are also available. With an eye towards continuous improvement, equipment is optimized for speed, flexibility and scalability.

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65 Years Later

Today, Flexcon boasts 12 locations worldwide offering robust manufacturing, finishing, and distribution around the globe, along with state-of-the-art product development capabilities.

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