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Limit Bacterial Growth with FLEXcon® Sharklet™

Textured Film Inhibits Growth On High-Touch Surfaces Without Chemicals

How does it work?

The texture of shark skin makes it difficult for bacteria to attach and multiply. The texture of Sharklet textured film is very similar, so it’s an environmentally-friendly approach to bacterial control. It’s non-toxic and non-leaching because it employs no chemicals or biocides. Rather than killing bacteria, it simply inhibits bacteria from attaching to the surface and multiplying. It can keep high-touch surfaces cleaner between cleanings.

Product options

  • FLEXcon® FLEXmark® V 240 R Clear Sharklet™ V-29 150 Poly H-9 overlaminate (non-printable)
  • FLEXcon® FLEXmark® V 240 R Clear Sharklet™ No PS (printable via conventional systems)
  • Transfer adhesives are available for mounting reverse-printed graphics

Market Opportunity

Offer Sharklet to your customers for these applications:

  • Retail: customer kiosks, touch screens and counters
  • Medical Facilities: medical equipment, cafeteria, waiting rooms
  • Gyms: equipment and locker area
  • Airports: check-in, seat back tray tables
  • Food Service: counters, table tops and food trays

Have an unusual application?

We’ll work with you to build just the right custom Sharklet construction.

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*Sharklet™ is a trademark of Sharklet Technologies, Inc.